Busy bunnies

This programme is designed in a way to make your child’s first steps into the world of education stress- free and joyful. Play is the main focus and other fundamentals are covered through a range of hands on activities. Our aim is to install in the child a lifelong desire for learning. This is achieved through a learning programme which provides ample time for games, interactive storytelling, music & movement, art & craft, exercise of practical life activities, matching and sorting activities, exploratory activities etc.

Curious cubs

This module is drawn with an objective of laying a crucial foundation for the developing brain of your child. The learner’s potential is tapped through a structured programme which imparts language, phonetic and pre-writing skills, logical and analytical thinking, exploration of science, role play, and activities to enhance their auditory, oral, visual, inter- personal, intra-personal and sensory motor skills. Music, stories and free play form an integral part of the programme.

Happy hippos

This programme is tailored to suit the developmental needs of a 3 year old and prepare him/her for an advanced educational set-up. Activities are designed in an age appropriate manner to enhance their confidence, creativity, logical and sequential reasoning, communication and comprehension skills, cognitive skills, writing-readiness etc., All the while, fun is not ruled out too! It provides for unlimited hours of music, stories, craft, dance and free-play.